1. Jim on today’s Live! Kelly & Michael Show promoting Person of Interest (9-22-14)

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  2. ::Jimmy on Live! with Kelly and Michael::

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  3. Jim Caviezel as a Rear F-18 Pilot in the movie The Rock.

    Sorry guys these are the only scenes in which he appeared.

  4. Happy Sunday Smile ~~Peter ~~ Long Weekend

    (dedicated to savhcaro- request for Jim with long hair)

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  5. @POIFUSCO and Reese - be prepared for TUES or else #personofinterest

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  6. 【HQ】

    Photographer:Arnaud FEVRIER/MPA/GAMMA



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  7. Sketch of Jim by @.
    Please give credits to the artist if repost.


    (Jim as Reese, BTS, SE304 Reasonable Doubt. My personal pic, please do not remove my logo or repost. Thank you.)
    Thank you eyesofwitt

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    * The Thin Red Line - Witt

    * Frequency - John Sullivan

    * Angel Eyes - Steven ‘Catch’ Lambert

    * High Crimes - Tom Kubik / Ron Chapman

    * Deja Vu - Carroll Oerstadt

    * Outlander - Kainan

    * Long Weekend - Peter

    * Transit - Nate

    * Person of Interest - John Reese

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  10. Reese Swag ~~ Taking a morning walk

    Spoiler, As Detective Crockett, SE401

    I wish to see him in these grey shirts the whole season.

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  11. ::Coming down the stairs like a boss::

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  12. Mr Reese in Black & White 172

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  13. S206   Mr.Reese


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  14. Retro Jim.

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  15. "You weren’t born to fit in,you were born to stand out."
    — Jim Caviezel (via laumint)

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